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Quetext is a leading plagiarism detection and citation assistance tool that identifies and prevents plagiarism through the use of DeepSearch Version 2 and ColorGrade technologies, as well as plain feedback. With over 5 million users worldwide, Quetext has aided educators, students, bloggers, and professional writers in improving their writing.

QueText asserts that it is the world's most widely used plagiarism checker. However, each entry on our list appears to make this assertion about themselves.

Is QueText able to substantiate this claim? Is it one of the most effective applications available for detecting plagiarism? Is this the most effective plagiarism detector you've discovered?

To be completely candid, they are a strong competitor. When it comes to performance, this is a well-oiled machine. They are forthright about the benefits of their service, and the process of submitting files to QueText was straightforward.

Quetext is included in our regularly updated list of the best plagiarism checker software because it use its proprietary DeepSearch engine to detect stolen data in a novel method.

DeepSearch enables it to seek for evidence of contextual plagiarism in your material rather than for simple word or phrase matches. Now that you have a better understanding of what Quetext is and what it can accomplish for you, let's move on to our in-depth Quetext review.

Plagiarism - What Is It?

Plagiarism is the act of appropriating another person's work and claiming it as your own. It might be in the form of ideas, thoughts, or physical stuff. Plagiarism is defined as the act of appropriating another person's ideas or work and passing it off as your own.

Duplicate content is more likely to occur on the Internet than in the real world, even if you had no intention of copying another's thoughts. Plagiarism is a big problem for individuals like you who work diligently to create high-quality blog entries that rank well on search engine results pages (SERP).

Those wishing to improve their rankings cannot afford to plagiarize. Thus, advanced plagiarism checkers such as Quetext come into action, detecting and warning information that is similar or duplicated, enabling you to simply resist plagiarism.

I hope that you now understand what plagiarism is, how it impacts the ranking of your blog, and how to avoid it.

What exactly is Quetext?

Quetext makes use of DeepSearch technology to identify plagiarism and assist with citations. This is an innovative tool that incorporates cutting-edge machine learning and grammatical analysis skills. Their patented method, which utilizes cutting-edge algorithms, is extremely fast, allowing them to crawl millions of documents in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, it is used by over 5 million people, including students, professors, authors, bloggers, and professionals, to determine whether their work contains any instances of plagiarism.

Is Quetext free to use?

You may be wondering how much it costs and if the Quetext plagiarism checker is free. The good news is that the basic functionality of Quetext is completely free to use. That is correct.

If you will go to their pricing page, Quetext has two available options:

Free Plan

Even with contextual analysis and conditional scoring enabled, the first is completely free. With the free plan, you will gain the following benefits:

  • Three complimentary checks, each with a maximum word limit of 500 words - With the use of feedback, plagiarism in ColorGrade can be easily recognized and deleted.
  • Contextual analysis to expand your search beyond simple phrases.
  • Fuzzy matching to detect any attempt to conceal plagiarism.
  • Each search is assigned a weighting to assist you in determining its importance.

Pro Plan

This is the most advanced technique, as it incorporates DeepSearch expansion and Citation Assistant.

This plan requires a monthly payment of $9.99.

Additionally, the Pro Plan includes a slew of additional benefits.

  • DeepSearch has included a Citation Assistant with MLA, APA, and Chicago formats, as well as a URL and Domain Exclusion Tool, to enhance your search experience.
  • Utilize Interactive Snippet Text for side-by-side plagiarism analysis.
  • Export PDF reports with a few clicks.
  • Upload many files concurrently to obtain speedy results from the Quetext database.

Quetext Plagiarism Checker Benefits

After comparing the text to billions of online sources, you will receive a plagiarism score indicating the percentage of material that is an exact or near-match to previously published text.

Whether you're creating original content or validating the authenticity of others, there are numerous benefits to employing a plagiarism checker. Accurate, automatic detection of duplicate content simplifies the process of copy-checking for teachers, students, and content creators, among others. Users can see exactly how much material has been copied and where they need to reword.

For Teachers

Prior to grading homework for its quality, it must first be verified as authentic. Our simple-to-use application provides teachers with a straightforward method for verifying and grading students work. Academic integrity is beneficial for educators at all levels, and a complete plagiarism check can help ensure academic integrity.

From K-12 to higher education, teachers are tasked with the responsibility of validating the originality of dozens, if not hundreds, of students' work each year. By automating this procedure, teachers are able to focus on the quality of work rather than on its uniqueness.

For Students

While academic plagiarism is becoming more prevalent, much of it is undoubtedly inadvertent. When students submit written work for assessment, a simple yet accurate and comprehensive plagiarism checker provides peace of mind.

It is far easier to conduct a quick check for possible plagiarism prior to submission than to convince a teacher that your academic integrity is unimpaired after the fact. And Quetext takes plagiarism detection a step further by assisting students in identifying and citing the source directly with our built-in citation generator.

For Content Writers

The risk of plagiarism is not limited to academia. Anyone assigned to write for an individual or business have an ethical and legal obligation to provide unique content. Additionally, content writers are frequently charged with writing content on subjects outside their expertise, forcing them to rely on the work of others for research.

Our plagiarism checker provides content writers with a simple and quick way to avoid copyright violation. Even large pieces of writing can be checked in a matter of minutes, ensuring that public content is kept in check and writers' integrity is maintained.

Pros of QueText

QueText offers a comprehensive database of plagiarism that incorporates data from websites, books, and journals. The plagiarism detector is easy to use and comes with an effective reporting mechanism and superior customer care.

Additionally, utilizing this plagiarism detection tool was a lot of fun. Quetext is the most sophisticated duplicate content detector on the market, and it will assist you in effortlessly creating plagiarism-free content.

Let's discuss each one separately:

DeepSearch Technology

QueText uses a technology called DeepSearch for all of their premium clients' reports. DeepSearch retrieves results from 35 billion webpages, 20 million books, and 1 million journals. It is a thorough procedure that leaves no stone untouched in the fight against plagiarism. Additionally, you can search for specific sources while ignoring others using this collection of minor SEO tools.

You can take your plagiarism detection to a whole new level with their DeepSearch technology. It's their own search engine, the result of over a decade of intensive research that included contextual analysis, fuzzy matching, and conditional scoring.

This sets it apart from other plagiarism detection tools.

Additionally to discovering matched phrases, Quetext is capable of detecting duplicate text, even if some words are distorted.

ColorGrade Feedback

With tools such as ColorGrade feedback, you can simply engage with your results and take appropriate actions.

It enables you to rapidly locate identical content to your own. Additionally, you can view near-exact or'fuzzy' matches in a variety of colors.

Modern and Fast

Custom-built using cutting-edge machine learning and linguistic analysis tools. Quetext technology leverages cutting-edge algorithms to do rapid searches over billions of documents while maintaining a comprehensive and thorough search. Don't jeopardize your critical work with such free plagiarism checkers that exist merely to generate advertising income. Protect your writing with technology created by caring individuals!

Citation Assistant

Additionally, it contains an integrated citation tool to assist you in properly citing plagiarized portions.

Those unfamiliar with the term "citation."

Citation, in my perspective, refers to mentioning, referring to, or complimenting someone in your article if you are using exact sentences, photographs, or anything else already created by someone.

Therefore, utilize Quetext's citation assistant to detect unintentional plagiarism and quickly add citations to your material.

Originality Report

The plagiarism check's results are presented graphically, with a percentage and highlighted sentences that match other sources.

Interactive Snippet Text

You may simply assess your matches side by side using their dynamic and clear snippet text viewer. As a result, you'll be able to swiftly and easily identify and eliminate duplicate content.

URL/Domain Exclusion

You may easily exclude a URL or even an entire website from plagiarism tests, ensuring that your work is not matched to theirs.

Multiple Languages

The QueText checker is capable of processing a wide variety of languages in addition to English. Additionally, plagiarism can be tested in the following languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Arabic, and Russian.

Exporting Detailed PDF Reports

Using the QueText plagiarism detector, you may export your plagiarism findings in a comprehensive report. I was amazed at how much information was jammed into this document.

When I attempted to copy and paste our plagiarism sample content (which totals slightly more than 4,000 words), an 81-page PDF file was returned.

Smooth Hands-on Test

Unlike many other plagiarism checks I've used, I had an overwhelmingly positive experience with this one.

As with the other plagiarism software on this list, you begin by uploading or pasting a document. When I entered our plagiarism test content, the checker immediately began working.

Compilation of the results took a few minutes, which is understandable given the volume of data processed by the DeepSearch system.

The plagiarism detector assigned the report an 84 percent plagiarism rate. Additionally, the material was marked based on the gravity of the plagiarism.

The red line shows that it was fully plagiarized. Additionally, the plagiarism checkers in QueText indicate the source of the quote, allowing you to appropriately credit it.

We submitted our clean sample content to ensure that everything was working properly, and as planned, we received radically different results.

Exceptional Customer Service

I called QueText's customer service department to inquire about the mobile capabilities of their plagiarism checkers. I'd been impressed with their service thus far, and I wanted to know whether any additional features, such as an Android or iOS app, were on the way.

I contacted them via email using the address I discovered on their website. Quickly and swiftly, a member of their support team answered.

Cons of QueText

The plagiarism checkers included with QueText have a few minor drawbacks. The word counts are low, the database is small, there is no grammatical check, and there are no mobile apps available.

Restricted Words Count

You can only check 500 words at a time and generate three reports per month with the free edition of QueText's plagiarism detection application.

The premium paid version has no such restrictions. Reports and searches are available to users without restriction.

However, each session is limited to 25,000 words (50 pages). It's extremely limiting in comparison to Grammarly's 150k word count.

Database Restrictions

DeepSearch is an amazing example of cutting-edge technology. However, with a database of tens of millions of records (as compared to billions with Grammarly or WhiteSmoke), it is on the smaller end of the scale.

No grammar checker available

QueText is a company that specializes in plagiarism detection. Regrettably, unlike a few other online plagiarism checking software, this one lacks an integrated grammar checker. This could be a deal-breaker if you're looking for an all-in-one utility.

No mobile applications

In contrast to Grammarly's plagiarism detection, QueText is only available via a computer. Browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera are supported, however Internet Explorer is not. (I suppose the two remaining Internet Explorer users will be unable to use this checking tool.)

Regrettably, the organization lacks a mobile presence. This is discouraging in light of the growing popularity of mobile web browsing and online plagiarism detection technology.

That concludes the Quetext Review.

I've attempted to cover all you need to know about the Quetext plagiarism checker before you begin using it (overview, features, pricing, dependability, and legitimacy).

I'm very convinced you loved my in-depth examination of Quetext and now have a firm grasp on its features, cost, authenticity, and correctness.

It is a very reputable, safe, and effective duplicate content analyzer.

If you're a rookie looking for a free tool, Free PlagiarismCheck is the way to go, as it allows you to conduct several free searches and searches up to 1000 words per search.

And if you're a seasoned professional looking for a paid career, Quetext with DeepSearch technology is an excellent addition to your toolset that will perform admirably.

Therefore, begin writing authentic content and place your trust in technology developed by people who care about you.

Kindly share this information with others who may find it valuable as well. Additionally, it gives me tremendous pleasure when you share my content.

Alternatives to Quetext

Naturally, while Quetext is one of the most advanced systems available, it is not appropriate for everyone. If you're seeking for an alternative or simply want to ensure you're receiving a decent value, one of these programs may be a suitable fit.

Grammarly Business

Grammarly Business is an enhanced version of the grammar checker software that incorporates additional style and plagiarism checking features. Its plagiarism detection engine is similar to that of Quetext, though not quite as sophisticated. On the other hand, the user interface may be even more appealing to those who currently use Grammarly.


ProWritingAid is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their writing abilities, as it serves as an all-in-one tool that enables you to write more effectively and accurately. While the plagiarism detection program is not as powerful as some alternatives, it is nonetheless an extremely accurate solution. Along with the plagiarism detector, ProWritingAid includes a grammar checker, style and formatting suggestions, and even short courses and quizzes to help you improve your skills and require less changes.


NoPlag is an excellent option for academic writers and students, as its databases are primarily focused on academic writing. Additionally, it assists in ensuring that citations are properly formatted and provides additional features that make academic writing a little easier.


PlagScan is another effective plagiarism prevention tool that assists you in identifying and outlining any possible instances of plagiarism in your writing by highlighting the offending parts. This approach is very beneficial for individuals attempting to retrace their steps and locate a source, as the plagiarism checker retrieves the articles together with any probable plagiarism.

Frequently Asked Quetext Questions

Is Quetext going to sell my data to third parties?

As mentioned in their duties section, Quetext pledges to never sell or share your data with third parties. You may discover more about it on their privacy statement page.

How can I terminate a Quetext subscription?

To cancel your Quetext membership, log in to your account dashboard. Then navigate to the accounts area and then to the subscriptions tab, where a cancel subscription button will be visible.

Is Quetext capable of saving your work?

Quetext guarantees that no part of your work is preserved or stored in their database. Only you and Quetext have access to the encrypted and confidential text or paper that you submit.

Is Quetext infringing on my intellectual property rights?

As stated previously, Quetext does not abandon your copyrights to your own property (and related page). You are the only owner of the material you create.

Is it possible for Quetext to identify your own data as stolen if you save a previous copy and re-use it?

No, Quetext guarantees that they will not include your data/document/content in their searchable database. As a result, when you employ plagiarism detection software, it will not seem as plagiarized information (for the first time).

Is Quetext a free service?

Quetext is free to use for up to 5 pages or 5000 words, but you can upgrade to Quetext Pro for a charge if you require more content scanned.

What is Quetext's purpose?

Quetext is used to detect plagiarized content. Additionally, it contains a citation aid that simplifies the process of citing sources in three distinct formats (Chicago, APA, and MLA).

Quetext's Accuracy: How Accurate Is It?

If you're wondering how accurate Quetext is, from what I've learned, it's fairly accurate at detecting plagiarism. Due to their enormous searchable database and DeepSearchTM technology, you may be confident in the accuracy of their results.


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